Who We Are

About Kerbside Gourmet Pte Ltd

Kerbside Gourmet is Asia’s first gourmet food truck with a social vision. “Kerby”, as the truck is affectionately nicknamed, hit the streets in the first quarter of 2013 with soul food, catering to the discerning individuals who seek an alternative, sublime dining experience. As a registered member of the Social Enterprise Association, it aims to turn part of its profits to feed the less privileged in Singapore, operating on a “Buy-A-Meal-Give-A-Meal (BAMGAM)” model.

Kerby is an environmentally-friendly Toyota Hino hybrid truck, fully equipped as a professional, mobile kitchen. Look out also for its social wall on Kerby that aims to provoke thoughts and conversations as you munch by the kerb – our idea of a “Kerby Tiam”. Being nomadic, it has no fixed location or operating hours. Please always track the truck here

About Its Founder

Luan is the brainchild behind Kerby. Having ditched the corporate job after a 20-year run as a respected communications practitioner, Luan’s heart is set on injecting a breath of fresh air to the streets of Singapore and believing that hunger amongst the less privileged is solvable. She has come to embrace this second life as an awakened being, a free-range human, and an extra virgin entrepreneur. 

About Our Sponsors

We are grateful to the following socially-conscious sponsors for believing in Kerby when it was just a blueprint and supporting its social vision of solving hunger amongst the less privileged in Singapore:

Borneo Motors Singapore


Electrolux Singapore


How to Reach Kerby


Email kerbsidegourmet@gmail.com

Tel +65 9298 4888

8 thoughts on “Who We Are

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  2. Saw Kerby at Museum today. Nice! Have always loved food truck and finally see one in Singapore! Is Kerby permanently stationed at the museum or it moves around to other locations too?

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